Bruce Howat

Artist Statement
We wear many masks to help face the world. I represent these masks by drawing figure’s with dragons rising out of them that attack the figure or fight each other. I intend to show the inner turmoil and suggest the trials and pressures that people endure every day.
I have always had a very sketchy drawing style that I feel really helps my current work but I have actively tried to tone it down until I saw Bruce Waldman’s lithographs. After looking at them I decided to push how sketchy I could make my drawings while still having a clear message. I think that the dragons are more successful when they are drawn loosely and evoke a greater amount of tension in the work. My drawings are inspired by my friends’ experiences of dealing with troubles and unfortunate circumstances. Their troubles give me a clearer picture of how people react to adversity.
I primarily make mixed media drawings and lithographs. My drawings are usually made with charcoal, ink, and pastel on printmaking paper. Sometimes I use gesso as a base on the paper to get a softer feel. I generally make larger drawings which are generally around 20” by 30”. My lithographs are also made on the same printmaking paper used in my drawings but are usually smaller in size, mostly around 15” by 20”.